Request Access

You may already have access to the Research Leadership Data Dashboard!

The EVPR and CUIT have provisioned members of the research community as part of the project launch, so it is always recommended to try to log in before submitting an access request.

Chairs, Deans, Department Leadership and their Delegates for Reporting and Finance

First, log in to the dashboard to see if you already have access. Check out our quick start guide to learn about setting Prompts and using the Input Controls (filters) to dig in to your unit's research data.

Fill out the folder access request form to have CUIT provision your access to the "Research Leadership" folder in Enterprise Reporting/BI Launch Pad. 

If you don't have ARC/FDS access for your unit, see Step 3; you will need Departmental Financial Inquiry access at a minimum to see data for your unit in the dashboard. If you already have, or are in the process of getting this access, you can skip this step.

If you are able to get into the dashboard, but don't see all of the data that you expect to see (for example, you are a school dean, and a department that has proposals within your school is missing), you should complete the Financial Inquiry Application (FIA) form to expand your ARC departmental access. Your ARC departmental access is what drives your proposal and award data visibility.

No finance training is required, but be sure to complete the form using our FIA form instructions to ensure that you are applying only for the appropriate level of departmental access that matches your current role and unit. The form should take ~5 minutes to complete if you follow the instructions, and then will be sent on for approvals within your department/unit.

After you receive confirmation within the ServiceNow ticket(s) that your research leadership folder access has been enabled (if needed), and you receive confirmation that your FIA form has been processed (if needed, you will get an email with the subject "RITMXXXXXXX - ARC Access Administered"), then you can log in to RLDD. Note that only the person whose UNI was provisioned will be able to access RLDD, regardless of who submitted the "on behalf of request".

Check out our quick start guide to learn about setting Prompts and using the Input Controls (filters) to navigate your unit's research data.

University-wide Proposals and Awards Data Access
(for Central Administrators)

If you work in a research-relevant central administrative unit at Columbia and do not have University-wide ARC/FDS Financial Inquiry access, please complete the University-wide Proposals and Awards Access Request Form.

Note: This request is for access to the entire University's proposals and awards data. This request is only valid for a small population of roles within certain central administrative units, including but not limited to: President's Office, Provost's Office, and the Office of the Executive Vice President of Research (EVPR).