About RLDD

The Research Leadership Data Dashboard (RLDD) displays rich visualizations of the status and trends of proposals and awards, allowing Columbia's leaders to make informed decisions for their units.

RLDD also is designed to support deeper analysis with downloadable, detailed reports that capture the underlying data.

RLDD is designed to support research leadership across Columbia, including Deans, Chief Administrative Officers, Departmental Chairs, and Central Administration executives.

RLDD is the leadership-level counterpart of MyGrants and SMART reports, the go-to tools used by Columbia's Principal Investigators for tracking and managing their research-funded projects.

RLDD provides a visual-driven overview of near-real-time data on all of the research proposals and awards for their units. Information on award expenditures will be added soon as part of RLDD Phase 2.

For further analysis, detailed tabular data reports can be exported from the dashboard.

RLDD was developed under the direction of the Office of the EVPR, Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA), CUIT, and P&S (Reporting), with additional leadership input from A&S, DSI, EI/Climate School, Lamont, MSPH, SEAS, Social Work and ZMBBI.

What's Next

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Recent and Upcoming Enhancements

Phase 2 development is now underway, with the goal of bringing in Awards and Expenditures information to RLDD.

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