FIA form for departmental ARC access

Note: Some deans and chairs that have been PIs may already have ARC access, but don't have departmental ARC access. If you don't see all of your departments or PIs in the department tree on your RLDD dashboard, then you should submit the FIA request form to extend your ARC access.

  1. Open the FIA form. You will need to log into ServiceNow with your UNI and password.
  2. Select I am requesting access for myself or I am requesting access for another User, depending on your situation.
  3. In the Requested For field, enter your own UNI, or the UNI of the person for whom you are requesting on behalf of.
  4. In the Manager's UNI field, enter your manager's name or UNI. 

Note: This person will be sent an email to approve your request before your department's DAF is asked to provide the final approval.

If you don't have a formal manager, or you don't believe your manager is the best person to approve this form, you can enter your department's DAF Administrator (Departmental Authorization Form Administrator). The current list of DAF Approvers is available on the Finance website.

  1. In the User Type field, select your position type at Columbia.
  2. For Request Access Type select New/Update.
  3. For DAF Department select your department (you may need to scroll down to load more departments). Note the search-as-you-type functionality only searches loaded options, so you may need to scroll down and manually select. 
  4. In Section 2.1: Financial Inquiry: Reporting Access, skip the first two checkboxes and select the third: ARC Online Reporting - Department Access.
  5. Select your department(s). Note that as you scroll down, more options will appear, so a Ctrl+F won't always work. Also note that "Levels" 4-8 (School, Department, Division, Unit) are available, select the highest "Level" with grant proposals that are relevant to your role (refer to Department Pivot Tree document). For example, if you work in SEAS' administration, it's easier to select 520000X-ENG Engineering rather than multi-selecting 521000X-ENG Appl Physics & Appl Math, 521200X-ENG Civil Engr  & Engr Mecha, 521200X-ENG Civil Engr  & Engr Mecha, etc…
  6. Do not check any of the checkboxes for section 2.2-2.5.
  7. In Section 3: Comments, enter a version of the below (feel free to adjust to your situation or copy/paste):

I'm requesting FDS inquiry-only department access so I can view my PIs' award and expenditure data in the EVPR's research data dashboard. Please contact Jessica Eaton in CUIT (je2429) if you have any questions or concerns. 

  1. Check the User Acceptance box.
  2. Select Order Now.
  3. After a few seconds/minutes (sometimes it takes 1-2 minutes), you will be taken to the pending request page and the person who you identified as your supervisor will receive an automatic email to review your request with the subject, "Manager Approval Request Pending RITMXXXXXXX - Financial Inquiry Application". 
    1. After your manager and DAF Administrator approve your request, it will be sent to CUIT for processing. You will receive an email with the subject, "Requested Item Approved, Access Pending RITMXXXXXXX - Financial Inquiry Application". This should take 1-5 business days.
    2. After CUIT has processed your request, you will receive an email with the subject, "RITMXXXXXXX- ARC Access Administered" and you will now be able to see your departmental information in the RLDD.


Managers can search their inbox for an email with an approval link from Columbia University Services ([email protected]) that has the subject: Manager Approval Request Pending RITM####### - Financial Inquiry Application. (The exact RITM number can be found on the confirmation email that you will receive after submitting the form.)

They will also receive an automatic reminder every Monday for 60 days that recaps any outstanding ARC-related access requests.

Generally you should include the highest department that is relevant to your role. You can select several. It is often helpful to download the latest Department Pivot Tree and find your area so you can type in the specific name that it is listed under in ARC (you can expand the tree by clicking on the circle radio button).

General guidance:

  • Deans and School Administrators: Select your School (Level 4)
  • Chairs and DAs: Select your Department (Level 5 or 6, depending on the School)
  • Centers/Institutes Administrators: Select your Center/Institute (Level 4, 5, or 6)

The list provided is based on the department you selected for your DAF for question 7, so begin by ensuring you have selected the proper department.

Next, that as you scroll down the list, more options will appear, so typing to search the list won't always work.

We recommend downloading the latest Department Pivot Tree and find your area so you can type in the specific name or number that your area is listed under in ARC (you can expand the tree by clicking on the circle radio button).