How to set prompts

Every time that you log in to the Research Leadership Data Dashboard, you will be asked to set prompts. The prompt window is the first window displayed, and your selections dictate how much data is brought into the dashboard. For more information, visit

There are three key things to remember about prompts:
Firstly, the only required prompt is the Submit Fiscal Year prompt. Choosing only fiscal years at this stage loads all data to which you have security access for the years selected.
Secondly, after you are in the dashboard, you can continue to filter and unfilter the data on-screen with a variety of “input controls”, including by department, funding source, and PI.
Thirdly, you can reset your prompts at any time after you are in the dashboard, so your selections are not final.

Now to set prompts:
Fiscal year is the only mandatory prompt - you must select at least one fiscal year.
Selecting four or five years will provide a good range for comparison. You can use the Shift button to multi-select a range. Note that you need to hold the shift button on your "start year" as well as your "end year".
Department, Funding Source, and PI are completely optional and are often left blank because you can manipulate these directly with input controls once you're in the dashboard.
If you would like to use any of these three categories to narrow the data brought into your dashboard, click the refresh arrow button at the top.
For Department Hierarchy and Funding Source Hierarchy, you can use the right-hand arrows to expand the category into more specific sub-levels.
If you don't check any boxes on these optional prompts, which is not unusual, then all data available per your security profile will be loaded in your dashboard.

After you have made your selections, click Run and you will be taken into the dashboard.

If you want to reset your selections after you are in the dashboard, click the circular "refresh" arrow button in the top toolbar under "Query" and you will be returned to the prompt window. Here you can click "Reset All" and make new selections.

If you find yourself setting a few different combinations of prompt parameters often, consider saving a custom prompt using the “prompt save button” in the upper left corner. Name it something descriptive and click Save.

When you want to retrieve a custom prompt, click the down arrow next to the Prompts title and select the option you want – it will automatically fill and you can click "Run".

For more information, visit our website:

This video will guide you through setting prompts and saving prompt selections for future reference. Step-by-step prompt-setting instructions are also available.