How to export reports and data

You can download the underlying data from the Research Leadership Data Dashboard in several ways. This video will cover the most commonly-used exports, but you can learn about all export options and a list of available fields for each on

First, we will review how to export the visuals and accompanying tables. This is ideal for sharing the dashboard document with colleagues or inserting the graphs into presentations. After the dashboard is filtered the way you would like to download it, click the Export button in the top toolbar.

Next, select the type of file that you would like to export from the left – Excel is ideal if your goal is to extract the visuals for use in another document. Then, check the boxes for the reports that you would like to include in your export. It is a best practice to always include the Filter Summary so you have a recap of the parameters of your dataset – for example, if you have filtered the dashboard to show only specific fiscal years, or certain departments or sponsors. We suggest not including the Proposal Details tabular report and Glossary if you are exporting as a PDF or if you would like a concise document. Finally click export. Your downloaded file should appear in your browser downloads.

If you are interested in ‘slicing and dicing’ the tabular data from the Proposal Details tab in Excel, you can omit the other tabs except the Proposal Details and the Filter Summary. Alternatively, a companion report called “Expanded Proposal Details by Submit FY'' has been designed to be even more export- and Excel-friendly, and it does not have visuals, just the data. The “Expanded…” report is just like the Proposal Details tab, except that it includes additional columns of data about each proposal, such as title. Access this report directly from the Research Leadership public folder, or by clicking this link on the Proposal Details tab in the RLDD visuals report.

From the Expanded report, after entering your prompts and running the report, then again you can click the export button in the top toolbar and then click “All Reports” so you can include the Filter Summary so you can be sure to know the data parameters. Finally click export.

To return to the research dashboard, you can click the arrow next to the document title at the top.

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This video will guide you through exporting reports and data. Step-by-step export instructions are also available.